Is Disease Hereditary?

Don't feed your predisposition for disease.

Create a Healthy Kitchen

Is your diet turning ON or OFF your disease genes? Enroll in my introductory Create A Healthy Kitchen course and learn how to create healthy meals quickly with foods shown to help turn off disease genes.



Learn to impact your genes with food, control weight, and prevent disease with online health & nutrition coaching based on the cutting-edge science of nutritional genomics.

You have profound control over your health by providing nutrient-dense food to your genes that will help turn ON health-promoting genes and turn OFF disease-promoting genes. As a nutrition consultant, I can show you how.

Did you know that you can change how your genes actually function by the foods you choose to eat, by exercising, sitting, and by your quality of sleep?

As a Doctor of Pharmacy and Medical information Specialist, I have been providing evidence-based medical information services since 1996 to clinicians and consumers, most recently as a health and nutrition consultant specializing in nutrigenomics.

Schedule your FREE 30-minute online session with Dr. Renée Rivard and discover the single most effective change you can make in your diet to start controlling weight and preventing disease today!


Consultations & Online Health Coaching

Do you feel confused by all of the conflicting expert-recommended diet advice – like, are grains good for you or not…and what about dairy? If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of trying to eat healthy or don’t know exactly where to start, then schedule a free nutrition consultation and let me help you get started today. Through my Healthy Kitchen and Healthy Cooking consultations, we create a supportive environment and I show you how to prepare healthy meals easily without spending all day in the kitchen. My premium online health coaching services are for those who want more personalized guidance and want to optimize their healthy eating habits. Learn more.

Speaking & Workshops

Would you like to empower the people in your community, workplace, or church to lead healthier, happier lives? When you hire me to speak with your group as a health professional and nutrition consultant, I will not only identify the single-most effective change to help your group start to control weight and prevent disease immediately but I will also reveal the biggest mistake people make when trying to eat healthy…and how to avoid it. Learn more.


Healthy Food - Happy Genes™ Lifestyle Course

Don't feed your predisposition for disease, learn how to use food to impact your genes, control weight and prevent disease TODAY with the Healthy Food - Happy Genes™ Lifestyle Course based on the cutting-edge science of nutrigenomics!

Based on the science of nutrigenomics, it has been shown that the food you eat is more relevant to disease than the genes you have inherited. Learn how to take control of your health and genetic destiny today with my Healthy Food - Happy Genes™ Lifestyle Course!


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Real Results


Will be off all my medications for the first time in 12 years

I met Renee online in 2014 and we became friends and colleagues. I was excited to follow her progress as she built her current business, based on a ton of hard work, knowledge and research. She reall…Read More

Mike Woods MD, Missoula, MT


Renee’s program is easy to follow

It has been so educational and fun to work with Renee. My husband became acquainted with Renee a couple of years ago and he became part of her program in its early phase. I was excited to be included …Read More

Melissa Woods, Missoula, MT


On the road to a healthier lifestyle

Renée, thank you for your presentation to our weight loss group pertaining to Health and Wellness. Since your inspirational presentation, our group has reduced the amount of calories we consume on a…Read More

Susan Kuhn, Program Chair Local chapter of national weight loss support organization, Mary Esther, FL


essential tremors…subsided and I no longer needed medication

First I’d like to give a huge thank you to Dr. Renee Rivard for introducing me to her healthy eating program.  Renee met with our church group and explained the benefits of changing our diets.  H…Read More

Rachel Ashmore, Fort Walton Beach, FL


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