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My Story


I’m Renée Rivard and I have always been fascinated by watching nature and learning how things work, especially how the human body works.

In college, I just took courses that I liked, most of which involved science or nature as part of the curriculum, and I ended up with a biology degree. However, I soon found the job market to be very limited with only that qualification.

So after a couple of years, I decided to go back to school to learn how stuff works in the human body and graduated cum laude with a doctorate of pharmacy from Creighton University.

During both of my college experiences, I worked in medical pharmaco-immunology labs on campus helping to conduct research on how drug compounds affect the immune system.

So it was a fairly natural progression when I started becoming more interested in nutrition and the effects it had on health.

Over the last 20 years as a medical information specialist, I have spent a lot of time evaluating clinical studies on drugs and nutritional supplements. The data supporting, or not supporting, the effects of natural products on health and disease really intrigued me.

It was recently, however, that I was introduced to the field of nutritional genomics and began to learn how nutrition impacts the human body at a genetic level…..and this just blew me away!

We are not “stuck” with some predefined, fixed health scenario handed down to us. We can actually change the way our genes function based on the food we eat, as well as the lifestyle we live.

We have control over our genetic destiny. And this was the message I wanted to shout to the world…..


“Healthy food leads to happy genes
and the prevention of most chronic diseases!”


My Mission and My Journey


Through online health coaching, speaking engagements, and various other products and services, my mission is to empower people, with knowledge of nutritional genomics, in order to help them make informed decisions about their diet so that they may lead healthier, happier lives.

In my early 20’s, I started gaining a little weight and one day found myself 3 sizes over my ideal body weight. While scanning the clothes in my closet for something that didn’t feel like it was cutting me in half, my self esteem plummeted.

I realized I was either going to have to lose weight or…buy bigger pants!

I’m not sure what it was; a control thing or just the actual number of the next larger size, but something clicked and my mindset changed. I decided right then that I was going to not only regain control of my weight but also my self esteem. The latter was a very novel feeling for me as I had always been a very confident person.

I pretty much eliminated added sugar and fried foods from my diet. And, having always been fairly athletic and active, I began losing weight and feeling better within the first week. Over the years, I have continued to build upon this foundation.

After leaving the corporate world at age 40, I explored numerous types of yoga, which not only helped me become more self aware and manage stress but also taught me to respect my body, myself, and others from an entirely new and powerful perspective.

I have also always enjoyed traveling and exploring different cultures and habitats. However, it was living abroad that provided tremendous additional value to my lifestyle.

The artistic presentation of small portions of healthy food in New Zealand gave me an appreciation for plating food in a visually appealing manner. This fostered exploration of my own creativity, which added enjoyment to my cooking and eating experience.

The cultures of Australia and Panama, both, forced me to slow down with their “she’ll be ‘right, mate” and “tranquilo” approaches to life. And the plethora of amazing fresh fruits they have to offer leave your taste buds tingling for more!

Combined with a couple of recent opportunities to work with some amazing communities of people in truly heart-felt courses that taught me how to identify and overcome limiting beliefs that had crept up on me over the years, brings me to where I am today.

Living in the middle of a rainforest where, in a moment of solitude surrounded by awe-inspiring nature, I decided I wanted to impact the lives of others in a meaningful way.

My journey that lies ahead is one I invite you to join.

Later this year, I plan to start a non-profit that will provide scholarships and funds to help empower the less fortunate with opportunities for education and entrepreneurship. Inspiration imparted mostly by the story of The Freedom Writers.

Additionally, I will be exploring the world of personal genetic testing and personalized nutrition, which has become even more relevant since having learned recently that my mother has progressive parkinsonism.



It can be confusing to know where or how to start eating healthy in our current Information Era.

So much good information that seems conflicting, combined with so much misinformation. It’s challenging even for me to decipher the message, and I have been evaluating the medical literature since the early ’90s.

But my forte is simplifying complexity….and that is what I hope to do through my online health coaching programs and services.

To distill a useful message from the exciting but ever-changing and ever-expanding medical knowledge base about food, its impact on genes, and how it impacts your health.

I hope you enjoy perusing the site and learn something useful about nutritional genomics.

To your health and your happy genes!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like me to research or write about any particular aspect of how nutrition might affect your genes, your health, or assist in preventing diabetes and other diseases.