1. Are These Clinicians Curing Brain Diseases?!

    “To him who devotes his life to science, nothing can give more happiness than increasing the number of discoveries, but his cup of joy is full when the results of his studies immediately find practical applications.” —Louis Pasteur I was reading a review the other day that estimated it took an average of 17 years for 14% of original (i.e., discovery) research to be integrated into physician …Read More

  2. Expert Diet Advice: “The Mediterranean Zone”

    If you’ve ever played any type of sport, you are probably familiar with “being in the zone.” It’s that moment when you become one with your environment; a non-thinking moment when every movement and thought are effortless…and your performance in that moment is optimal. Well, evidently a similar situation is possible with your nutritional diet. And with the word “diet,” I mean from it…Read More

  3. Are Doctors Ready for Genetic Data?

    The better question might be, “Are genetic data ready for doctors?” The onslaught of clinical study results that now include potentially significant genetic biomarkers associated with a particular patient population, condition, or metabolic response is enough to make the head spin of even the most astute physician. I learned rather quickly while working up a few writing samples for a potential…Read More