1. Maximizing Your Genetic Potential

    Discoveries in the developing field of nutritional genomics have shown that people have much more control over their future health than they ever realized. Why? Because the foods you eat can activate genes that impact the health of your body and mind. However, nutrigenomics can be a double-edged sword, and what you choose to eat can affect your well-being for better or for worse. In a world where …Read More

  2. Your Brain On Sugars – Not So Sweet.

    “Added” or “free” sugar is the sugar in your diet that is NOT from fruits and vegetables but instead is found in processed foods and drinks as well as sugar products (eg, sugar, honey, syrup, agave, corn syrup, molasses, etc). It has been associated with extra weight, obesity, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and dental caries…to name only a few. Obesity, high blood pressure, and coronary…Read More

  3. Smoothies or Juicing for Breakfast: Why You Shouldn’t!

    Juicing for breakfast. Mmmmm, a big 12-ounce glass of freshly juiced carrots and ginger to start your day?! Or, maybe 8 to 12 ounces of a strawberry and banana smoothie. It’s quick, easy, and nutritious, right? Well, they are definitely more nutrient packed than a traditional American breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, and hashbrowns. And more nutrient dense than a bowl of oatmeal topped with a fe…Read More

  4. Top 3 Funniest Study Titles This Week

    Ok, I figured it's time for a light-hearted blog. So every week, I scan the titles of at least 100 or so clinical studies looking for something that piques my curiosity or that I think you might find interesting. The complexity of medical terminology used to describe otherwise simple concepts really makes me chuckle sometimes. So I thought I would share a few with you today. Here they are (with my…Read More