“To him who devotes his life to science, nothing can give more happiness than increasing the number of discoveries, but his cup of joy is full when the results of his studies immediately find practical applications.”

—Louis Pasteur

I was reading a review the other day that estimated it took an average of 17 years for 14% of original (i.e., discovery) research to be integrated into physician practice.

I’d like to expedite that process with regards to what I have recently learned about 4 amazing clinicians who are improving and, often reversing, not only symptoms but the pathology of brain diseases and brain trauma.

If you are a clinician treating patients with any neuropathological elements, I urge you to not only share this with your colleagues but also to reach out to the clinicians identified here for more information and guidance on how to incorporate this amazing work into your own practice.

If you are a consumer whose life has been touched by one of these conditions, please forward this to your physician and ask him to reach out to the clinicians listed below to learn more. And share this blog among your support groups.

Additionally, to understand more about how neurodegenerative diseases are inter-related, see my recent blog, “Diabetes of the Brain.”

The Lineup

Julian Bailes, MD (neurosurgeon) – Brain Injury Research Institute

Barry Sears, PhD (cellular inflammation & fish oil specialist) – DrSears.com

Daniel Amen, MD (psychiatrist and brain imaging expert) – Amen Clinics

Pamela McDonald, FNP (integrative medicine nurse practitioner) – The Perfect Gene Diet

The Common Denominator: nutrition, nutrients and/or high-dose fish oil.

Brain Problems Solved

This is a list of only a few conditions they have treated successfully:

  • Addictions
  • Alzheimer’s Disease (pathology is now recognized to start up to 50 years before symptoms)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Concussion (symptoms often not apparent until 10 year after the incident)
  • Eating Disorders
  • Memory Issues
  • Mood Disorders (Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression)
  • Parkinson’s Disease (pathology recognized to start up to 30 years before symptoms)
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (Coma, Concussion, Substance Abuse)

Here are some examples of the amazing work and results of these clinicians. Because their own words dwarf my humble attempt here to share their results, I have included links to their videos and websites where they discuss their cases, results and individual approaches.

Drs Julian Bailes and Barry Sears

Dr Julian Bailes and Dr Barry Sears have been using “high-dose” fish oil (10 to 20 g/day) for years in combination with standard medicine protocols to treat and reverse severe brain trauma, such as in the miner, Randy McCloy, who barely survived the Sago Mine Disaster (ie, recovered from coma and multi-organ failure) and in the teenager, Grant Virgin,  who endured a terrible auto accident (coma reversal).

A misconception circulating within the medical practice environment is that high-dose fish oil will cause bleeding; this is not supported by the data. Monitoring the AA:EPA ratio (a biomarker for cellular inflammation) and maintaining it above 1 (preferably between 1.5 – 3) prevents the infinitesimally low risk of bleeding events. For more details on the 3 lab tests used to monitor for cellular inflammation, refer to my short review of Dr Sears latest book “The Mediterranean Zone.”

Some more recent preliminary work by Dr Bailes indicates that prevention of brain trauma (eg, concussion) may be possible if fish oil is taken prophylactically.

Dr Daniel Amen

Dr Daniel Amen has been using fish oil and brain-specific nutritional supplements to treat, improve and even reverse behavioral problems in criminals, drug addictions, mood disorders, and more.

He conducted landmark research through his concussion study, and more important from his results, with ex-professional football players; 80% of players on his “brain smart” program showed significant improvement in blood flow, mood and memory. The study was “Reversing brain damage in former NFL players: implications for traumatic brain injury and substance abuse rehabilitation.”

He uses SPECT imaging to identify specific pathology in the brain and, in this TEDx talk “Beautiful Brains”, discusses some impressive “before & after” results he has achieved with fish oil and nutrient supplementation specific for the brain. This is a MUST SEE!

Pamela McDonald

Pamela McDonald has been using gene-specific nutrition (diet) therapy based on an individual’s Apo E gene type to improve and even reverse ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and more. One specific and touching case was her work treating Wayne Dyer to reverse, or silence, leukemia biomarkers.

She has worked for years with individuals using a holistic gene-specific nutrition approach that is based on the Apo E gene; the gene that is the predominant determinant of how your body uses (metabolizes) fats and carbohydrates.

A total of 6 variations, or combinations, of Apo E genotypes determine if your body can handle fats, or not, and to what level your body can process carbohydrates. These variants are Apo E 2/2, 2/3, 3/3, 4/2, 4/3, 4/4.

A mismatch between your diet and your Apo E gene type leads to a gene-environment combination that does not support your health, leading to cellular inflammation and disease. Correcting that mismatch allows your body an opportunity to heal itself, and significantly reduce and even eliminate disease.

Individuals with Apo E 4s are most sensitive to high-fat diets (they don’t metabolize fats very well) and need to eat more carbohydrates. If you have Apo E 4 and don’t eat the right fats and the right combination of fats plus carbohydrates, then your cholesterol can be high even if you think you are eating healthy. Approximately 5 % of the population has an Apo E 4/4 genotype; if you have the 4/4 variation, then you are 90% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease if your diet is not right for your genes.

Now You Can Help Cure Brain Disease and Injury

Imagine. With the simple click of a button, you can share the possibility of renewed life to a friend, family member, or colleague.

High-dose fish oil, brain-specific nutrients, and gene-specific nutrition under the guidance of the remarkable leaders noted above has infinitesimally low to zero risk yet profound possible benefit of bringing light to a loved one trapped in the darkness of their own mind.

Please help me help others; share this blog and reach out to Drs Bailes, Sears, and Amen, and Pamela McDonald.


I dedicate this blog to my mom who has been diagnosed with parkinsonism, frontotemporal lobe dementia and progressive supranuclear palsy. Dr Sears has graciously agreed to work with her physician regarding the use of high-dose fish oil, and I am in the process of making an appointment at Dr Amen’s Atlanta clinic.

I’ll keep you posted in subsequent blogs.

And remember, healthy food leads to happy genes!