Changed my relationship with food for good

Janine PerryRenée had encouraged me to try her method of cooking before I visited her in Panama. I was interested but didn’t follow thru. After spending time with her, I have a much better understanding of the body’s response to its relationship with food. Renée is a great cook and was creative in her selection of vegetable combinations and protein – often added a dash of a spice, herbs or a squeeze of lime to give it that extra zip. After watching her cook, it looked easy enough to repeat. I have followed in her footsteps since I returned home. I found that skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner was not the way to treat your body. So now I eat 3 meals a day and if I need a snack I could choose fruit or nuts. In the beginning, it was a push to give up processed carbs and dairy but after a while your past habits become the past. Thanks Renée, you have changed my relationship with food for good.

Janine Perry, San Diego, CA