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essential tremors…subsided and I no longer needed medication


First I’d like to give a huge thank you to Dr. Renee Rivard for introducing me to her healthy eating program.  Renee met with our church group and explained the benefits of changing our diets.  Her research and reasoning made so much sense I decided to give it a try.  Three months later I’ve lost 20 pounds and have more energy and stamina.

But the biggest benefit is something I never would have thought.  I suffer from essential tremors (some call it family tremors.)  It’s an embarrassing condition which starts with a mild trembling of the hands.  A few weeks into the program I noticed that the shaking had subsided and I no longer need my medication.  The benefits of this life style change are so amazing.  I urge others to follow suit.

Rachel Ashmore, Fort Walton Beach, FL


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