I am so grateful to Renée

Ford Hermanson2My experience with Renée’s eating and life style changes began about 2 months ago when I was fortunate enough to stay as a house guest for 3 days with her in Panama. My goal was to learn more about the vegetable and protein diet she was suggesting that I try. I found that eating this nutrient dense way fit nicely into the way I liked to live. Not only were the meals easy to prepare, but I found them to be very delicious. I decided to give it a fair try for a month and I am very happy with the results. As a 73 year old male the ageing process was not all favorable, however, I notice after about 3 weeks into my new eating plan that many negative symptoms I had were not as pronounced… This diet change has given me a new outlook on ageing and I am so grateful to Renée for helping me to learn about this new way of living.

Ford Hermanson, Minneapolis, MN