Renee’s program is easy to follow

It has been so educational and fun to work with Renee. My husband became acquainted with Renee a couple of years ago and he became part of her program in its early phase. I was excited to be included along with my husband a couple of months later. We have had so much fun doing this program together. With Renee’s helpful advice, we cleaned out our cupboards and pantry and filled them with more healthful items. I actually liked grocery shopping again!

Reading labels took on a whole new challenge with the knowledge Renee provided.

The physical effects have been remarkable for me. I have noticed a positive mood change. One morning after following the program for about two weeks I felt happier! My weight loss has not been as significant as my husband’s but I have had a reduction in belly bloat and a weight loss of about 1 to 2 pounds per week. What I love about that is I know those are pounds I will not gain back.

Renee’s program is easy to follow and she has such a positive attitude backed up with a great deal of knowledge. My husband is a physician and usually skeptical of diets, but this program has really impressed him because it is not a diet but a change in habits and nutrition. This program has been life changing and I know I will continue with it because it is simple to follow and I love the way I feel!

Thanks Renee!

Melissa Woods, Missoula, MT