Will be off all my medications for the first time in 12 years

Mike Woods, MDI met Renee online in 2014 and we became friends and colleagues. I was excited to follow her progress as she built her current business, based on a ton of hard work, knowledge and research. She really knows her stuff… as they say.

I was very excited when she offered me and my wife a chance to participate in her program in the early phase. We listened and took notes as she gave us a distillation of her knowledge about how powerful food is and its effect on the metabolic process. I had no idea how the foods we eat can control our genetic make up and help or hurt that process. I am a physician and had never learned any of this in my years of training.

On faith, we dove into her program and suggestions and gave it a try. Pretty basic stuff as she breaks it down for you in simple terms and tasks. After a few months of habit and diet changes I’m amazed at how my body and metabolism has rearranged and improved. I was on 8 different medications for various medical issues, including type 2 diabetes. My doctor was recommending a third med for diabetes at the time we started. Now I am down to one and will soon be off all medications for the first time in 12 years! I’ve lost a solid 15 lbs and 2 pants sizes. I had to buy a whole new wardrobe. All of this was due to dietary choice changes and little to do with exercise. I am recommending this program to all my overweight patients now.

I can’t say enough about how life changing this simple program has been for me. It’s easy to follow and more importantly easy to stay with forever. I won’t go back to my previous choices for any reason because I feel so much better now.

Thanks, Renee…You Rock!

Mike Woods MD, Missoula, MT