1. essential tremors…subsided and I no longer needed medication

    First I’d like to give a huge thank you to Dr. Renee Rivard for introducing me to her healthy eating program.  Renee met with our church group and explained the benefits of changing our diets.  Her research and reasoning made so much sense I decided to give it a try.  Three months later I’ve lost 20 pounds and have more energy and stamina. But the biggest benefit is something I never would …Read More

    Rachel Ashmore, Fort Walton Beach, FL
  2. Will be off all my medications for the first time in 12 years

    I met Renee online in 2014 and we became friends and colleagues. I was excited to follow her progress as she built her current business, based on a ton of hard work, knowledge and research. She really knows her stuff… as they say. I was very excited when she offered me and my wife a chance to participate in her program in the early phase. We listened and took notes as she gave us a distillation …Read More

    Mike Woods MD, Missoula, MT
  3. Renee’s program is easy to follow

    It has been so educational and fun to work with Renee. My husband became acquainted with Renee a couple of years ago and he became part of her program in its early phase. I was excited to be included along with my husband a couple of months later. We have had so much fun doing this program together. With Renee’s helpful advice, we cleaned out our cupboards and pantry and filled them with more he…Read More

    Melissa Woods, Missoula, MT
  4. Since I started the veggie brekky challenge, I lost 33 pounds

    I feel great. I had so much energy I swam and walked in the pool for one hour….I came home and I am boiling a chicken breast. I will also steam broccoli and Italian squash…. By the way, since I started the veggie brekky challenge I lost 33 pounds. This is not a diet for me. It is a life changing habit to stay healthy. I am off my blood pressure medication. Went to the doctor yesterday and he t…Read More

    Kathleen Fay Echauri, Arcadia, CA
  5. So far so good – the pressure in my ear subsided

    Ok, so I decided to do the [healthy food] experiment the day that you suggested it so I am now 2 weeks in. Interim results: So far so good – the pressure in my ear subsided which hadn't happened on antibiotics and prednisone (not perfect but better, and sinuses ok, too). I didn't think I was eating a lot of inflammatory foods but when you take note of diet, it is surprising what creatures of hab…Read More

    Chris Lawson, Auckland, New Zealand
  6. Renée is a dynamic speaker with the ability to engage

    Renée Rivard is a dynamic speaker with the ability to engage, enlighten and educate a diverse audience. Her varied life experiences and interests make her a popular presenter and she always provokes lively discussions no matter what the topic. Renée remains a valued speaker to our LIFE Group.…Read More

    Rhea Amid, LIFE at MiraCosta College A Lifelong Learning Group Curriculum Committee and Board of Directors Member, Oceanside, CA
  7. Changed my relationship with food for good

    Renée had encouraged me to try her method of cooking before I visited her in Panama. I was interested but didn’t follow thru. After spending time with her, I have a much better understanding of the body’s response to its relationship with food. Renée is a great cook and was creative in her selection of vegetable combinations and protein – often added a dash of a spice, herbs or a squeeze o…Read More

    Janine Perry, San Diego, CA
  8. On the road to a healthier lifestyle

    Renée, thank you for your presentation to our weight loss group pertaining to Health and Wellness. Since your inspirational presentation, our group has reduced the amount of calories we consume on a daily basis. We are consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables and omitting fried foods. We are exercising more, eating less, and are on the road to a healthier lifestyle.…Read More

    Susan Kuhn, Program Chair Local chapter of national weight loss support organization, Mary Esther, FL
  9. She is a pleasure to work with

    Dr. Rivard brings years of experience and clinical judgment to a practical assessment of the literature. She has excellent critical evaluation skills, able to distill the most important features from the research arena and apply it to specific patient scenarios in the most effective manner. She is a pleasure to work with, and to know.…Read More

    Joyce Generali, RPh, MS, FASHP Director, Synthesized Referential Content Lexicomp/Medi-Span/Facts & Comparisons Wolters Kluwer Health
  10. I am so grateful to Renée

    My experience with Renée’s eating and life style changes began about 2 months ago when I was fortunate enough to stay as a house guest for 3 days with her in Panama. My goal was to learn more about the vegetable and protein diet she was suggesting that I try. I found that eating this nutrient dense way fit nicely into the way I liked to live. Not only were the meals easy to prepare, but I found…Read More

    Ford Hermanson, Minneapolis, MN