It’s in our bread, our milk, and a multitude of other foods where you might not expect to find it. And as sugar and refined carbohydrates become more and more difficult to avoid, doing so is necessary for preventing diabetes, controlling weight, and setting yourself up for a healthy, active lifestyle. Any healthy nutrition plan depends on a thorough understanding of sugars and their effects on the body. Of course, not all sugars are bad, and a balanced natural food diet should include carbohydrates to help supply the body with energy.

How much do you know about sugar, its effects on the body, and how to include it in a healthy nutrition plan? Take this brief, five question quiz to find out! You will get to see your score at the end, as well as a distribution of scores from other Is Disease Hereditary? vistors. Take the quiz as many times as you want; you may not get a perfect score on the first try, but hopefully you’ll learn something valuable!