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With a veggie brekky.

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Veggie brekkies are breakfasts made with half a plate of colorful vegetables, a handful of healthy protein, a dash of healthy fat, and NO processed grains, breads, or cereals. They’re not only quick and easy to make, they’re also nutritious, taste awesome, boost your energy, help you control weight and prevent chronic disease.

When you join, you’ll also get my “Healthy Kitchen Basics” Grocery List that provides you with a list of easy-to-find healthy carb, protein, and fat options that will last for weeks in your pantry and freezer so that you can create healthy meals quickly and easily…without needing a meal plan or spending hours in the kitchen.

Evidence from medical studies has been accumulating over the last 20 years that shows how diets based on refined, processed food products (ie, grains, breads, cereals, rices, pastas) that are high in nutrient-poor, sugar-rich carbohydrates, and inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids (ie, vegetable oil, seed oils, margarine, trans fats) lead to cellular inflammation, metabolic disorders, weight gain, chronic diseases, and cancer.

So…Get out of the toast, pancake, muffin, and cereal rut. Don’t start your day with foods shown to promote weight gain and disease, click the button below to join the 7-Day Veggie Brekky Challenge and learn recipes for health.

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